Learn How To Root Blueberries In Less Than 3 Minutes!

Do you want to learn how to root blueberries? In just 3 minutes you will learn the basics so you can grow your own blueberries from cuttings.

In a recent visit to Madibri nursery and cut flower farm, we gathered some valuable information on running a business in the green industry. While our previous videos focused on protea and fynbos production, we also had a look at how the nursery grows blueberries from cuttings.

Using sharp, clean shears the cuttings are taken from semi-hardened wood. This refers to new season growth that has hardened off for a few months. Cuttings are made to be 7-10cm long with 2-3 nodes.

The propagation medium and misting system is exactly the same as those for the proteas – Polystyrene trays are filled with a propagation mix made up of peat, perlite and small pieces of polystyrene. No rooting hormone is necessary here. Holes are punched into the mix before the cuttings are stuck.

The cuttings are kept under a mist system. At this stage, humidity is key. The mist system is more important to keep the cuttings turgid than it is to supply them with water in the trays. Remember, the more humid the environment is, the less water that will evaporate from the cuttings and therefore they will not need as much water from the propagation mix. On most days, misting occurs 4 times a day for 30 second intervals. On very cold days however, no misting is applied.

The trays are placed on beds made up of polystyrene covered by netting. This means the trays are protected from the cold concrete underlying the polystyrene beds. It also promotes drainage of excess water.

After a few months, the cuttings will look like this. You can see how well the roots have bound the soil around them. Once your cuttings look like this, you can pot them up into containers.

These containers are filled with an acid compost mix. Blueberries love an acid soil – in acidic soils, certain beneficial bacteria and fungi exist which release minerals and ammonia, which promote vigorous blueberry growth. In this nursery, Trichoderma is sometimes applied through the irrigation water. Trichoderma is a genus of fungi that can be found in all soils. They help suppress pathogenic fungi species that may be harmful to the plants.

After another few months of growth, the berries look like this and they can be prepared for the market. Most often, blueberries are most in demand during the spring months when they begin to flower and customers can enjoy berries shortly after.

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