Making The Best and Easiest DIY Aquariums From IKEA?

I’ve been repairing and building aquariums for many years now. Typically that involves cutting glass, so it’s not necessarily the most accessible task around. That said, I’ve been trying to find a way to build custom rimless tanks, that don’t involve cutting glass. I want DIY aquariums to be an option for everyone.

It took me awhile to discover a solution, but not long ago, I had a eureka while at IKEA. I realized that they sell a lot of good glass shelving that could be used to build aquariums. So, I got to work finding pieces that could fit together, and to my surprise, they had several sets that work!

In this video, I outline the entire process from start to end. I decided to cover every aspect of it because I’ve never explained the tank construction process in much detail. Sure, I’ve shown it a ton of time by now, but there are a lot of tricks that I generally leave out to make the video more concise. Anyway, you could use these techniques to build most glass tanks.
All three tank sizes require the items listed below in the material list. The shelves specific to make each size tank are listed separately. I discovered two additional sizes that weren’t included in the video and included them below.

ASI Black Silicone –
EVA Foam –
Scotch Masking Tape –
Utrusta Shelf, 15×14.75” (x1) –

Small Tank Kit (24 Gallons; 92 Liters)
Shelf, 30×14.75” (x2) –

Large Tank Kit (29 Gallons; 111 Liters)
Shelf, 36×14.75” (x2) –

Nano Tank Kit (14Gallons; 53 Liters); not included in video
Shelf, 18×14.75” (x2) –

Extra Small Tank Kit (19 Gallons; 72 Liters); not included in video
Shelf, 22×14.75” (x2) –

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