Michelle and Rob Transform their First Permaculture Property!

Watch this blast from the past of Michelle and Rob going through the entire process of creating their first permaculture property! From design, to building, to seeing the before and after transformation right before their eyes, you’ll be sure to find some inspiration in this video.

Whether you’re an aspiring permaculture designer, or have a dream to create your own regenerative property or garden, we all start somewhere! We’re excited to be sharing the Verge Permaculture Academy, an online hub for those wanting to go deeper into their permaculture journey.

If you’re someone who’s taken a permaculture design course and don’t know where to go from there, want to continue on in your education and learning, or immerse yourself in an abundance of reliable knowledge and resources, then we reckon this is for you 😉

The Academy offers four fresh, live 6-to-8-week Masterclasses each year, an online permaculture community, the verge vault of ever-growing resources, courses, podcasts, tools and more, and live themed Q&A sessions.

Launch pricing and the founding members program won’t be available after tomorrow (Nov 5th), so click the link below to register! Come on and join the fun 🤗🌱



Passive Solar Greenhouse Design Course: https://vergepermaculture.ca/passive-solar-greenhouse/
Essential Rainwater Harvesting Course: https://vergepermaculture.ca/rain/
Permaculture Design Certification: https://vergepermaculture.ca/pdc/
Build Your Permaculture Property: https://www.mypermacultureproperty.com/
Contour Map Generator: https://contourmapgenerator.com/


Essential Rainwater Harvesting: A Guide to Home-Scale System Design: https://newsociety.ca/books/e/essential-rainwater-harvesting
Building your Permaculture Property: A 5-Step Process to Design & Develop Land: https://www.mypermacultureproperty.com/


Meet the Verge Team: https://vergepermaculture.ca/meet-our-team/
Website: https://vergepermaculture.ca/
Build Your Permaculture Property: https://www.mypermacultureproperty.com/
Ideas on the Verge Podcast: https://vergepermaculture.ca/iov/
Building your Permaculture Property Podcast: https://redcircle.com/shows/building-your-permaculture-property
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vergepermaculture

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