Minimalist Mountain Islands Paludarium (Rock Filtered)

I’ve been considering a minimalist paludarium or aquascape for awhile now. After dismantling a few setups and realizing that the structure from the Fern Rock Planter would be perfect for a build, like this, I got to work. I think this was a great way to reuse previous assets and create some cool. What do you think?

I realize a minimal type design is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I thick it’s pretty neat and adds variety to the animal room. As I said in the video, there’s something about the open/negative space that makes everything else pop, which makes it very interesting to observe… In my opinion at least.

Let me know what you think in the comments and enjoy the video!

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0:00 My Idea For This Paludarium
1:18 Creating the Mountain Islands
2:12 Addressing Water-Flow and Filtration
3:58 Adding Plants to the Formations
5:18 Testing the Pump for Flow
5:46 Filling the Bottom with Sand
6:25 A Closer Look at the Scape
6:53 Adding the Fish
7:16 The Completed Design

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