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If you are starting the process of a NEW backyard remodel – THINK STYLE FIRST even before your design. Do you want to match your homes’ indoor style? Or would you like to switch it up? Today we are going to jump into the deep end of POPULAR STYLES IN LANDSCAPE DESIGN right now! Contemporary is a simple-sophisticated style that showcases the space rather than the décor by using texture and clean lines. Contemporary backyard spaces appear sleek and fresh.

Our example before photos shows overgrown bushes in the corner – a side yard with loads of dirt – a totally unused space. Then See how clean lines transformed it when we added an l-shaped concrete seat wall around a square. firepit. The addition of a sports court with stairs on either side created a Sleek usable space – Basketball with a spectators’ view . . .
Back to more before footage – again the bushes in the corner and pathway to the backyard kitchen area. By adding a sharp clean paver pathway, modifies the entire space. Adding a second spot to gather, the furniture at an angle allows views of both areas and yet – the décor doesn’t hide the design. The trellis behind the furniture will grow as natural art pieces.

Tuscan style immediately invites you into a Mediterranean countryside feel – with earthy, rustic lines, terra-cotta pottery, textured wall finishes – old-world style & craftsmanship.
Once you choose your style and destination features, you collaborate with your designer to bring it to life with a 3-D Design. The finish line – where your beautiful new backyard showcases relax-in-nature vibes with wine, old-world touches, food, & family.
Garden Style is almost a decorative-art-form combined with very careful planning. Whether minimalist, or plenty of plantings, bushes and trees – your choice.
Rustic Modern Is a natural, rough, aged, and casual design style. It can be darker shades or whitewashed neutral tones, packed with wood, leather, wicker, & iron.
Modern style is clear-clean lines, careful planning, with a mix of textures & materials for visual interest such as concrete, wood, and metal.
Example: Kim Property – Farmland turned into modern style with nature surrounding it – a juxtaposition or comparison between farmland & modern – a visual effect.
Mid-Century Modern mimics a modern style of sleek lines with new ways to reimagine traditional pieces but is set apart with color oranges, browns, greens – and crisp lines. The open plans have extra nature vibes and function.
Traditional style turns back the clock for classic features and elements in our modern outdoor lifestyles. The canvas has rich colors and conservative lines. AND BECAUSE THERE ARE NO RULES WHEN IT COMES TO INDIVIDUAL CHOICES OF Styles – mix it up …. You are in the driver seat. The only error is Too Much – Edit décor choices to let the features and the design Shine.
There is a Twin style with Traditional – it’s called Transitional. It combines traditional & contemporary styles. Take old fashioned & heavy and add impersonal & cold and you get a very cool style. Sophistication plus simplicity – the style is neutral, with a cozy depth and balance. Remember NO RULES – but confident clean lines always RULE!
Coastal offers a light organic aesthetic that can follow a nautical theme or stay in a lane with materials & colors reminiscent of summer. Natural light & proportions work well in this style. Example: Froomer – just the finished design you can talk over the pull out gally stools…
Tropical style reminds us of beaches or jungles in flamboyant beauty, lush plantings, & vibrant colors. Palm trees, bamboo. Finished McFee – more of a theme although the pool makes it a style by sheer reasoning Talk about the opening & closing awning
Urban styles may use materials and features that give off bohemian vibes. Industrial to elaborate, these features appear in open spaces with artsy touches. Example: Torres – This courtyard gives privacy, with a living plant wall and a grill wall structure w/cover. There are 2 custom wood seat walls and storage. A wrap-around-pot bar and bistro lighting gives a boho vibe – the trendy grill cart and décor fits just right in this urban setting.
And There we go – Over 10 different Styles with over 60 examples for Ideas –
Like we said at the beginning – THINK Style first – choose favorite features – then meet with the designers to work up your 3-D design. It’s a perfect master-plan-for-success with your backyard remodel – Thank you for joining us . .
For additional landscape design ideas, we welcome your visit to our gallery of works in our portfolio Visit our YouTube Channel Complimentary Consultation? You got it!
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