Our World Renowned Permaculture Design Course Starts Nov 18 – Are You Joining Us?

Over 1,000 people have taken our Permaculture Design Course – the majority leaving with raving reviews and many with life-changing stories for how the course set them on the right path and how it was crucial for starting their various Permaculture-inspired businesses.

Are you ready to live a more sustainable, connected, and meaningful life? 🌿

Are you ready for the knowledge, tools, skills needed to turn your dreams into reality? 🌎

Our Permaculture Design Course brings you a line-up of professional designers, consultants, authors, and educators to teach YOU how to transform your yard, property, and neighborhood into a regenerative and vibrant space.

Learn more by following the link below:

➑ https://vergepermaculture.ca/online_pdc/ β¬…

But DON”T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT. Check out the URL below to read and watch stories of our past students to see how our Permaculture Design Course has changed their lives and launched their new careers.

➑ https://vergepermaculture.ca/meet-our-grads/ β¬…

If you watched this video and read this whole description, we appreciate you and we want to reward you for your time….. You can use the code PDCFALL2021 to get $100 off your cost of registration.

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