Outdoor Kitchen Bars are Social Magnets

Outdoor Kitchen Bars are Social Magnets

If you are looking outdoor kitchen bar ideas, this is the video for you. You might wonder why you need an outdoor kitchen bar . . . again, this video will give you many good reasons. It will show off design tips for outdoor kitchens and share photos of outdoor bars as an important part of your outdoor living space.

If you do not have a bar attached to your outdoor kitchen, you will also see outdoor bar ideas on a budget where a simple bar table with bar stools is an excellent addition to your space. In some landscapes adding a bar table becomes an outdoor bar accessory. An extra Bar Table with Bar Stools can accommodate a group of friends watching a game or event on TV in front of the main Outdoor Kitchen Bar. This trick also adds extra dimension to the decor aesthetic by having variable heights creating interest and preventing it from being one note.

This Outdoor Kitchen Bars video is #4 of a 5-part series on Backyard Decor Ideas. These videos will show you hundreds of fully decorated outside decor properties.

Micah Dennis, Outdoor Living Guy walks you through:

1) Why Outdoor Decor is Important
2) Color, Styles, & Themes
3) Adding the Bells & Whistles
4) Outdoor Bars, Barstools & Dining Decor
5) Bringing your Firepit to Life with Décor

From Outside Decor Planning and Decor layout to Patio Decor Ideas, if you are looking for outdoor room ideas or even the basics in outdoor living decor concepts, this series is right for you. Décor strategies and tips help you add life to your outside rooms.

Learn why planning is key and discover some simple how-to’s to turn blah into beautiful.

1. Plan Colors – Think Blend
2. Find your style – Rustic, Minimalist, Traditional
3. Careful – don’t buy too many knick-knacks before you have a plan
4. Decide on Furniture pieces Early
5. Add your own personality to your Backyard Space

Outdoor Kitchens need tools for food prep and the meal serving process. This is definitely an area where you can flex your décor muscle. Don’t we all eat with our eyes? Add style and flair to your dining. Canisters are helpful for storing snacks on outdoor kitchen counters. Utensils help us get the job done. Kitchen towels are important indoors or out. And the bar stools are key! Look for the correct size for your bar height and choose a style that goes with your overall theme. Big guys love a seat at the bar so if you have a group of guys who regularly visit your outdoor space, think comfortably when deciding on outdoor patio bar stools. They will never stand empty if you consider these design tips for outdoor kitchen bars.

Enjoy our decor video . . . Thanks for watching and joining us today. Next up: Our last décor video in the series on firepits & fireplaces in landscape design.

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