Outdoor Pendant Light Ideas

Outdoor Pendant Light Ideas

Ready for a helpful tip? Our tip of the day is on Outdoor Pendant Light Ideas. As Outdoor Kitchens and Bars become increasingly popular, so has the pendant light. What better to provide more light for cooking and dining?

Many ask, “What type of pendant should I get for my outdoor kitchen & bar, or my covered outdoor room?” So many choices and styles – we will try to cover a few as we concentrate on where to place your pendant lighting to maximize space.

Starting in the Hueffner property we see an L-shaped bar with pendant lighting over the bar and over the barbecue area creating a double bar look in the outdoor living space. Many times, you will see the pendant light directly down from the beam and yet here we see the bar lighting has been kicked out to open the space and maximize the effect.

Next, Micah Dennis, the Outdoor Living Guy walks you through different pendant lights and mounting styles.

Exposed Bulb Pendant – Directly Under Beam

Industrial Fixed Pendant – Directly Under Beam

Min-Glass Pendant – In Front of Beam

High Ceiling fixed Pendant – Directly Under Beam

High Ceiling fixed Pendant – Behind Beam

Hanging Bowl Pendant – Center Mount – 2 Styles

This handy tip focuses on framing pendant lights out from the center of the beam to:

*create a double bar effect.

*provide more room for entertainment

*additional light for cooking & dining

*a refreshing ‘thumbs-up’ aesthetic

We hope that you found the information useful. Join us every week for our Outdoor Living Tips and helpful hints.

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