Paralysis Can’t Stop Him From Gardening

This is a special video, as myself and @jacquesinthegarden made our way out to Georgia to meet a long-time Instagram friend, Claudia (Her channel: Her husband Weekes, who is an avid gardener, got into a terrible car accident and almost died four times, leaving him mostly paralyzed.

We decided to head out and spruce up the garden, making it just a bit more accessible for Weekes to access with the new reality he was facing – and got a lot of inspiration along the way. What an incredible mind and spirit he had! I hope you enjoy this video – it’s thanks to YOUR support of Epic Gardening that we’re able to do projects like this.

00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Background Story
01:21 – Day 1 In Georgia
02:19 – Meeting Claudia & Garden Tour
03:46 – Meeting Mr. Weekes
08:37 – Garden Rebuild
13:07 – Day 2
13:57 – Reveal


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