The first episode of the algae review series was very well received, so time to do another one!

If you want me to review your algae issues then send to:
1. Tank size:
2. Light unit: (brand and model)
3. Photo period (How many hours is the light on)
4. Weeks since setup: (How long has the tank been up and running for)
5. Temperature inside your tank
6. Substrate: (Aquasoil, Sand, Gravel)
7. Fertilizer: (What and how much are you dosing)
8. CO2 yes or no: (Please mention how many hours you are injecting CO2 and also add the type of diffuser)
9. Maintenance: (Add as many details as possible about your maintenance routine)
10. Anything else that you might think is relevant and I should know:
11. Lastly add some high-quality images, at least 1 full tank shot and if possible, some closeups of the algae.
Do I have your permission to use all these details in my video: Yes/No

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0:00 – Intro
0:32 – 90cm shallow tank
2:52 – 20 inch cube
4:26 – 29 gallon
7:13 – Juwel Rio 180
8:10 – UNS 45u
9:58 – 45p low tech
13:35 – 20 gallon unknown algae
16:09 – Superfish scaper 45
18:56 – Juwel lido 200
19:59 – 20 gallon

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