Protecting my garden from BUSH TURKEYS! #shorts #permaculture, #bush turkey, #gardening, #teddybear

My first #shorts and I am editing my next episode, where I will share a great tip on how to scare away the bush turkey, brush turkey, scrub turkey or however you want to call them. It works! 14 days so far with no sign of foul animal!

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BTW, I got this great friendly no damage tip from my permaculture teacher Geoff Lawton.

You can watch a free four part masterclass video series with Geoff Lawton via the link below. It´s a perfect series to get an introduction to the world of PERMACULTURE:

To study Permaculture today with Geoff Lawton, here is a link to the information and enrollment page for the current Permaculture Design Certificate course: and remember to write 2022WEEDYBEARD at checkout to save USD $100 couresy Weedy 🙂

Love and photon particles

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