Rented garden ideas – create a stunning garden in pots!

If you can’t change your hard landscaping – either because you’re renting or your time and budget has to go elsewhere – you can create a beautiful garden in pots. See garden designer Shaun Mooney’s stunning rental garden makeover, including a mini wildlife pond, wormeries and lush perennial planting that is just humming with pollinators. With before and after photos.
00:00 Welcome
00:08 Before and after photos of Shaun’s garden
00:35 Shaun Mooney Garden Design website:
00:50 The garden when Shaun moved in
01:53 How Shaun planned the planting
02:20 A container garden uses a lot of pots – how to minimise costs
03:15 Have troughs made to your measurements
04:22 Fill in corners with extra pots to soften the shape and layer the planting
05:03 The British superstition – a horseshoe will keep you safe from accidents
05:20 Planter and sofa made from pallets
05:35 Save money by ordering the initial compost in bulk
06:10 Can you grow any plant in a pot?
06:55 Some garden designers do consultations on an hourly basis. Shaun offers this service.
06:58 Consult local nurseries if they grow their own plants
07:45 A container garden can really help pollinators
07:57 Have a mini wildlife pond in a container garden
08:51 If you can’t have a compost bin, you can compost with a wormery
10:06 How often do you have to change the compost in a container garden?
10:56 You need to fertilise pots once a week in the growing season
11:14 Watering a container garden
11:44 Shaun’s favourite perennial plants for pots
13:00 Looking into the wildlife pond – can you hear the frog?

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