Reviving a Ruined 60 Year Old Vintage Nano Aquarium

While driving through my neighborhood a few years ago, I stumbled up something special in someone’s trash… a 60 year old Metaframe Aquarium! This wasn’t the first time I recovered a tank in this manner, but it was the first time I found a vintage tank like this. I was very excited, but years later and I still haven’t done anything with it. That is, until now.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t just go and create a new aquascape in the tank. The entire thing needed cleaned, dismantled, and reassembled with some new materials. After all, the thing is 60 years old! A lot went into all of that, but I’ll let the video tell the rest of the story.

Enjoy the build/restoration and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Window Frost –

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00:00 Intro to Metaframes
01:00 Pre-Restoration Inspection
01:55 Dismantling the Aquarium
04:13 A Clean Frame
04:33 Replacing the Glass
05:29 What Silicone to Use?
06:09 Reassembling the Tank
07:34 Doing a Water Test
08:28 Creating the Hardscape
10:37 A Pre-Formed Scape
11:40 Setting up the Aquarium
13:07 Adding the Plants
14:14 Final Details and Fish
14:56 Finished Design

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