Salvias – Expert Tips on How to Grow These Long-Lasting Garden Flowers

Salvias add flower colour to your garden throughout summer and autumn, often flowering for months at a time. Top salvia expert William Dyson of @GreatCompGardenPlatt and Dyson’s Nurseries explains how to choose, grow and prune these beautiful flowers.
00:00 Welcome
00:15 Dyson’s Nurseries:
Great Comp Garden:
00:52 Why you should grow salvias
01:25 Where can you grow salvias?
02:06 What plants go well with salvias?
03:10 Can you grow salvias with roses?
03:50 Growing salvias with fruit trees
04:27 Can you grow salvias in pots?
05:23 Why isn’t my salvia flowering?
05:36 Do you need to fertilise salvias?
05:53 What pests or diseases do salvias get?
05:56 Capsid bug on salvias
07:01 When to plant salvias
07:32 How to prune salvias (also how to deadhead salvias)
09:20 Do you need to water salvias?
09:40 What do you do with salvias in winter?
10:53 Should I mulch salvias and if so, what with?
11:45 Are salvias good for wildlife?
12:43 Can salvias be moved?

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