Scaping the 350 Gallon Paludarium (Build Part 1)

The process of setting up this tank has finally begun! It’s been in concept since October of 2019… needless to say it’s great to finally make it happen! There’s still a lot left to do, but I should have it completely done in a few weeks. In this one I install the background and place the hardscape elements.

Let me know what you think of the final layout. I personally think it turned out really well. I can’t wait to show you what else I have planned. Stay tuned!

See the entire journey of designing this setup:

The 350 Gallon Paludarium Tank was provided courtesy of Custom Aquariums. I DO NOT receive any financial compensation for showing or talking about it. Follow the links for more information:

Custom Aquariums –

The background and stones were provided courtesy of Universal Rocks. I also don’t receive any compensation for talking about them.

Universal Rocks –

All of the Weathered Driftwood was purchased from SR Aquaristik. I was able to get photos of the pieces prior to buying them, which helped out immensely! Many of you ask where I buy hardscape materials and this is a GREAT resource for exactly that. I’ve used them for many of my previous builds and highly recommend it if you are looking for materials.

SR Aquaristik –

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