Secret Dragon Fruit Care Tips From a Master Dragon Fruit Grower

Subscribe to Richard’s channel: and follow on IG: I finally met my dragonfruit mentor, Richard of Grafting Dragonfruit. Everything I’ve learned about growing these amazing plants has come from Richard…including some cuttings! Enjoy this full tour of Richard’s garden, including dragon fruit varieties I guarantee you’ve never seen before.


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0:00 – Intro
1:55 – Vietnam White
4:04 – Haley’s Comet
5:21 – Ecuador Palora
8:05 – Physical Graffiti
9:27 – Sugar Dragon
11:24 – Red Jaina
13:10 – Red LaVerne
14:03 – Tricia
16:03 – Harvesting Dragonfruit
18:40 – Tasting Dragonfruit
23:29 – Dragonfruit Recipes


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