Sitting Walls – 75 Ideas (Duh, you need one)

Sitting Walls – 75 Ideas (Duh, you need one)

Having a Ringside Seat

Hey guys! We’ve all arrived at a backyard gathering and all the best seats were taken, right? A bunch of early birds have all the sweet seats and the rest of us are balancing appetizers and our stuff in our laps & drinks in our hands trying to get comfy. Creating front-row seats with seat walls gives friends and family places to plop their backsides and their stuff. Seat walls help us get up-close in front of a fire, hang near a pool or spa, & sit a spell around the backyard. We’ll show off a Bunch of ideas in this video of sitting walls in landscape design – let’s get this started with Firepits . . Let’s start with firepit seat walls. Get ready for 75 seat wall designs

Function & Fun in Landscape Design
Why do we love seat walls? #1 they Provide Extra Built-In Seating that lasts a lifetime in all weather. They Act as Retaining Walls for Sloped Areas. They look super cool in Outdoor Living Spaces. And Best – they can be used in so many ways – they hold us, they hold lanterns & décor, they hold personal stuff, wet towels around pools, our food, drinks… Wood seat walls can be storage benches . . . to hold games, toys, and appliance covers . . . Seat walls have a definite footprint in backyard living.

Mama’s Got Back . . .
Look at these beauties . . . the Seat Walls have Backs! Want to view the landscape design around the firepits?

Sitting Walls @ Pools, Waterfalls & Spas

We can’t leave out Pools, Waterfalls & Spas – we love to sit near the sounds of trickling water and relax and who could resist watching the gang swim & hot tub. Seat walls work wherever you can imagine them in outdoor living.

Custom Wood Seat Walls
Team Paradise has the best-in-the-west woodcraftsmen as part of our design/build team – We gotta’ show off their mad seat-wall skills! Custom Wood Seat come in all shapes and sizes ’round the firepit . . . and in the landscape . . . and bonus – if it’s a bench it can double for storage. Notice in the Bownagels’ smaller backyard, they designed a full-length seat wall the full length of the backyard. Loads of built-in seats and catch the standup bar at the backdoor-deck overhead. Sit or stand to enjoy the evening. . .

Fireplaces Rock Seat Walls Too!
Seat walls wear many hats. They provide seats to cozy up to the fire, hold fire wood & decor, and become tables for any old thing. Empty surface=stuff holder. So, seat walls are stuff holders. Why don’t we check out some of our favorite fireplace stuff holders, shall we?

Plant Your Backside – Flower Bed Seat Walls
Seat walls can find a home anywhere in a landscape. It’s your design . . . add seating where you want it most. A few more seat-shots show other seat-spots in backyards.

75 Seat Walls and counting . . . too much? Whew!
For additional landscape design ideas, we welcome your visit to our gallery of works in our portfolio Visit our YouTube Channel Complimentary Consultation? You got it!



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