Small Backyard Shed Ideas (complete transformation)

Small Backyard Shed Ideas

Okay guys – here we have a transformation video start to finish with lots of before, lot of during with lots of time lapse and then the beautiful after awaits you right now!

Homeowner: When we moved into this house the backyard hadn’t been very well maintained – there was a very narrow deck that wasn’t very functional, a lot of overgrowth & overhang and there was a very big slope that made any kind of entertainment difficult. So, what we wanted was a space that was flexible to entertain our friends & family, really enjoy the outdoors and maximize space we had here in the yard.

It was very deep space but there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to enjoy it because of the slope. So we found Paradise Restored via YouTube Videos and watched through many of those and saw all the amazing transformations their people were able to perform in other yards. I reached out and very quickly we had a project underway and a beautiful design that incorporated a workspace for myself to work at, a beautiful entertaining & dining area, and of course this wonderful space for our cats.

One of the most popular things to do for your backyard space is getting a garden shed and doing lots of different things to it: outdoor offices, outdoor gymnasiums, Art rooms, bars, many ways that we’re going to utilize sheds in your backyard.

Transformed Backyard corner with Shed, HOMEOWNER:

In the last 12 months we’ve been able to utilize an outdoor Office Shed space. I switched to work from home in 2020 and I needed a space that was separate from the family so I had the peace and quiet to work, of course a view of our beautiful backyard so this space was created so I could continue to work at home, and it fit perfectly into the landscape the designer prepared. It’s quiet, comfortable, with a great place for privacy.

We now also have a Catio Structure for our cats who must stay indoors but now can enjoy outdoors through a window or doors so they can enjoy the outside in the same space. The Catio Walking Tour is opportunity for us to show off our Catios, to get together, and talk about our cats and the beautiful people who’ve brought these beautiful spaces to life.

The Goal with the Catiio is to give all my feline friends that live here a safe space to enjoy the outdoors but without exposing them to the dangers of being outdoor cats. When cats are left outdoors, they stand a shorter life-span, they’re at risk of poisoning, hit by a car and of course impacting all the beautiful birds we have here in Oregon. That is why we created this outdoor Catio space to keep our cats save at home and we are hoping this year to maybe be part of the feral cat coalition, Oregon’s Cathio Walking Tour which is held every September – a big fundraiser for them and that’s a partnership with the Portland Audubon Society to protect our outdoor wildlife and keep a space at home to enjoy the outside.

Here comes Micah: So we want to encourage you to a good design. A transformation like this can’t be done on the fly. You need to think about the space and plan everything out.


Here in Portland we have a garbage can for everything, we have compost, recycling trash, glass, so having all that sit in front of the house looks like clutter. So, we asked to create this wonderful enclosure so that we can keep our garbage under cover!

Obviously with such a complex project with so many elements, hardscapes, carpentry. We had a variety of crew members on-site throughout the project who worked tirelessly in all-weather, snow, rain, heat, wind, and never stopped creating this beautiful space. Everybody greeted us with a wave through the window or a wave in the backyard and when we had unexpected things come up like changes to our retaining wall or how we’re going to design the entrance to our Catio, they worked together to design wonderful things for us on the fly and just really kept the project moving. And in our experience with contractors for both indoor and outdoor – it’s easily been the best contractors we’ve worked with here in Oregon.

Thanks, for joining us today for our Garden sheds & Catio Sheds & Office Sheds video.

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