Soil Degradation and Living Soil Solutions, an Interview with Mike Dorion

Is soil degradation getting so bad that we only have 60 harvests left in our soil? Join Living Soil Solutions’ Mike Dorion as he discusses the state of our soil and what we can do to ensure
soil regeneration and sustainable agriculture in coming years!

Topic links:
1:34 Importance of compost
2:10 Good soil ecosystem vs bad soil ecosystem
2:58 What is organic matter?
3:40 The state of our soil
4:40 60 harvests left?
5:27 The difference between dirt and soil
6:17 How does compost & compost Tea bring life back to dirt?
7:11 How long to change dead dirt to living soil?
7:56 Are you ahead of the curve?
8:58 What is the hardest part of your business?
9:26 Is there a promising business opportunity in living soils?
11:02 What are you most excited about with Living Soil?
11:58 Urban agriculture pilot program

Mike’s website:

Compost Council of Canada

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