Solar, Septic, invasives and discussing plant density.

More morning walkarounds. I show progress on the solar install (almost done!!!), and some other stuff I’ve had to do lately (digging the septic). It’s a good moment to teach people how a septic works (briefly). You know me, I always like to teach something. I want you guys to get value out of this channel.

I also talk about taking a pause on consultations for a bit. I didn’t want to talk about this much in the video, but I do know some people only watch and don’t read this. However I did want to elaborate a bit on it here. I want to be clear, I have LOVED doing these. I have met some incredible people, seen your lands, helped create a design that will last a lifetime. Just seeing your energy and excitement has filled me with renewed vigor, and I’ve channeled that energy into more expansions on my own property. I may not have worked so hard this spring without you guys.

However, now that things are ramping up, and I have annuals to plant, trellises to build, new gardens to sheet mulch and ammend, compost to turn, all with a full time job, 3 kids, 4 dogs, a wife and family time being required (and desired), all while managing to put out new videos, answer all my comments… it’s just… well, a LOT. I feel like I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a while now, and although I’ve really enjoyed it, something has to give, or I won’t have annuals this year.

So for the time being, I’m putting a pause on consultations. I think I will pick these back up in the fall or early winter. Thanks for everyone who is interested in getting my help designing your food forests. It’s truly humbling how much demand there was for this, as I was regularly turning people away, just because there was so much demand.

With all that being said, come walk with me on my morning walkabout with the dogs. I believe in getting out on your land often, so I make a point to spend my mornings outside, see what’s changing, see what’s new, see if I want to take action to intercept something going on and return my food forest development to where I want it going.

A good farmer casts a light footprint but a long shadow.

(A saying meant to articulate how we should be out and observing our lands a lot, but only taking minimal action to set it back on course).

Thanks for watching.


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