Some things we are doing to live more environmentally friendly.

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We have a bunch of new subscribers over the past year, and I thought it’s a good idea now and then to do a “back to basics” type of video. I start this video talking about basic propagation details, then break into things we are doing to live more in tune with nature. Solar panels, EV, and eating less meat are all things we’re working on to help reduce our load on this planet. Planting the seedlings may in a small way help restore some genetic diversity to the food we grow. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a CPL Paw Paw that is the best paw paw on the planet?!

What things are you doing to help live more in tune with our beautiful planet?

Want more info on solar? Are you hearing criticism about the cost of making solar panels, disposal, production decrease over time, and all the various fear, uncertainty and doubt circling the anti-solar sites on the internet? Here is a great meta analysis that debunks many of the myths and skepticisms regarding solar, and panels are even MORE efficient today than the information even in this meta analysis:

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Moving to the country to start a new life. Young Family trades sodgrass for a horse farm over at Barn Boots and Country Roots:

For great recipes, cooking, storing, canning, and growing tips, check out Gardening in the North:

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