String Lights (Backyard Patio Ideas)

String Lights (Backyard Patio Ideas)

Here we go! String lights backyard patio ideas coming up!

Hi Guys, another Tuesday tip for you talking to you about Bistro lights. If you were to do a quick Google search on Bistro lights you’ll see so many different lights it’s overwhelming. Here’s my recommendation on Bistro lights in in this video.

It’s a little deceiving ‘cuz our first example is too lit up. But we’ll show you some off camera shots of these are FX Bistro lights. They are wonderful and the reason you’re going to love them is because they’re part of your everyday outdoor lighting – you don’t have to flip a switch every time to get these to work. They come on every night and you can control these through a smart device so these Bistro lights are awesome for your outdoor space

Second, an example of a bistro light setup that’s over a beautiful sunken fire pit and look at how awesome this Bistro light setup is. You have the posts, you have the bistro lights and I want to show you what this looks like at night ‘cuz it’s hard to see during the day. It just really draws you out further into your landscape – it is a great mood lighting environment – and it’s very cost effective – especially when you compare it to traditional outdoor lights. Please think about this when you are thinking about your Bistro light setup.

Bistro Lighting will give you the ambient lights throughout your outdoor space and you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot, or hire an electrical contractor for a contract a job for lighting – these bistro lights will do an amazing job for you.

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