Sunken Forest Blackwater Aquascape for Samurai Betta (Low Tech)

About two months ago, I got a new betta! He’s been living in the quarantine area ever since. I’ve planned to make a proper blackwater setup for him ever since. I had to do a lot before that that I’ll discuss in a future video.

As I set this up, I wanted to make something functional to showcase the betta and provide him with an enriching home. At 14 gallons (10 full of water), this is also an excellent footprint for him to swim through. Thanks to the “H” shaped log I sourced locally, I also think it looks pretty unique. I’ve wanted to use it for years now and to have finally done so makes me happy!

Anyway, let me know what you think of the new Samurai Betta and the blackwater aquascape in the comment. Enjoy!

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0:00 Introduction
0:13 The Aquarium
0:35 Hardscape Selection
1:03 Hiding the Filter
1:13 Base Layout
1:35 Modifying the Bark
1:58 Securing the Pieces
2:31 Sinking the Driftwood
2:51 Substrate Blend
3:37 Additional Details
4:37 Plant Selection
4:51 Planting the Enclosure
6:06 Filling the Tank
6:21 Adding Botanicals
7:16 Going Blackwater
7:31 Adding Tillandsia
7:47 Finished Design
8:21 Adding the Betta
8:41 Closing Thoughts

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