Swimming Pool Fun Times

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Swimming Pool Fun Times

Here are 10 things we love to make a swimming pool space fun for family and friends:

1) Slide – underground with sheer descent waterfall at opening – fun for all ages and ANY kind of SLIDE will do!
2) Hot Tub near Pool – Nothing like a spa or hot tub near the pool. You can warm up with a soak – then back into the pool for a swim or pool-fun with family or friends
3) Diving Board or Diving rocks – boys will be boys as you can see here. Is this age-old or what? We love diving into water. Jumping in works too!
4) Go-Pro for Homemade videos – a Must-have for making videos to last a lifetime. All ages, shapes, sizes!
5) Movie Screen #Divinmovies – Watch our quick video on installing a DYI video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppF8S0a8Ub0&t=187s How’s that for fun?!!
6) Waterfall into Pond – This gorgeous feature is super fun at the end of the slide . . . don’t know how much it’s noticed once you are propelling off the slide into the swimming pool. From the landscape view it blends the aesthetic together and the hidden slide makes it even better.
7) Good Friends – can we count our besties on one or two hands? Pool time activities seem to draw us even closer as water games are forever lodged into our memories. Once pushed into the pool – we can’t help enjoying every minute.
8) Lots & Lots of Floaties – Can you have too many floaties? Hard to imagine a swimming pool without them.
9) Outdoor Décor – Lounge Chairs & Umbrellas. We all love to grab a lounge chair. Even if its for our towel. It’s a save-my-space thing. My shoes, shirt, and my “stuff” need a resting spot. And after a cool dip in the pool, a resting space to dry out and let the sun’s rays give vit-D-life to our cells. Whoops, unless you have an aversion to too-much sun. Need shade? Umbrellas are a sure bet for shade-seekers.
10) Multi-colored pool lights – Fun, fun, fun, when there is no sun – pool lights keep things happening by adding nighttime sizzle.
This fun-filled video is a mix of mini-films from the past few summers before the temporary social distancing laws were set in place. One of our favorite things to do in an outdoor living space – hands down – is sharing it with family and friends. This video certainly shows off how to use a pool and hopefully you will feel the strong connections.
Notice Paradise Restored has plenty of water features in landscape design. We are big fans of hot tubs and spa’s, large spas that double as mini-pools, swim-spas, pools with water falls, pools with slides, pools with attached hot tubs.
Now that spring has arrived, time to dip in the pools, spas, and tubs of your choosing, unless you would like us to design your pool space for summers to come.
Complimentary Consultation? You got it! We’ll come to your property or visit in a zoom meeting and help design your backyard swimming pool and/or Spa.
Water slides, diving boards, and movie screens are just a few – of the fun kid’s activities (and adults who are we kidding). Summer pool parties with loads of barbecue on the side, nights in the hot tub under the stars, and sun soaking on floats or lounge chairs.
Being outdoors is crucial to a happy- healthy life and gathering to enjoy one another is priceless. Want to watch a few more of our early YouTube videos . . .scenes are part of the video today but still fun to see swimming pool antics.

6/2018 Pool Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkFjdTGwwKs

12/2018 Pool Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfun_dVJbyE&t=6s

4 Benefits of Having a Hot tub: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFPqFZ3pOOQ

Over & Out from Team Paradise & watching this weeks Outdoor Living video. Thanks for Joining Us!

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