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Welcome to DESIGN SEED! Today’s episode we had the opportunity to head up to this mysterious looking transformation.

We were amazed by how different the staircase was compared to the original staircase. Every step up each flight of staircase made it even more stimulating to find out what was unseen behind these walls.

They look beautiful and work to preserve the environment by absorbing pollutants and filtering carbon dioxide in the air.

Disregarding the insightful view of the back-alley buildings, the front and back façade was creatively designed to have a view of its own.

This episode is a collaboration with Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers also known as MIID. 

Led by influential interior designers all over Malaysia, the vision of the institute is to develop a sophisticated society of designers who are conversant and appreciative of the interior design scene.

If you are an interior designer practicing in Malaysia and have not enrolled yourself as a member yet, click on the description link below to find out more about being part of this aspiring community.

We hope you will enjoy this episode!

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Designed by:
Essential Design Integrated (EDI)

In Collaboration with:
Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID)




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