The Cell Effect – Connecting People with Nature

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This story isn´t about soil bacteria, fertiliser or compost. It´s not even really about me. In this episode, I plant a seed from the Weedy Garden in all the hearts out there that are fertile and will let it grow.

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A very special seed.

A message from Earth to You – through my camera. If you watch this video, I hope that you can love everything and everyone in a fresh and different way. I usually put my heart into all the films I make, but this one has all my soul in it as well. I will be a grandfather before my beard grows another inch. Enjoy it right to the very end, and enjoy it now.

Most importantly of ALL – I am grateful and show my true and deepest respect and appreciation for every living organism that we have ever been. Without all of them, plant, animal and family ancestors, none of us would be here today. All the knowledge from before me, all the soil bacteria – have made me who I am today (and the sun).

Thank you for your encouragement, tips and support. You are true Earthlings x

With your support, The Weedy Garden can continue after lockdown to make add free videos that inspire people all over the world to reconnect to nature and start a garden of food of their own.

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love and peace to everyone
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