The NEW American Bullfrog Paludarium

I finally finished both of the 75 gallon tanks, which means I can get the frogs moved over soon. Once I do I can finally get started on my new schemes for their old 40 gallon tanks.

I’m very excited to add this one to lineup and can’t wait to see MJ in it! I really think he’s going to enjoy the new paludarium. It’s intentionally very similar to the previous. He made good use of that one and this is basically a larger, perfected version of it.

Even in the 2-3 weeks the tank has been setup the plants have really grown. I think that letting them root in and establish first will make all the difference in having success with the plants. Otherwise I’ll most likely have a repeat of last time.  

Learn more about how drilled the tank in this video –

Also be sure to check out the original video if you missed it –

Universal Rocks and Sicce were kind enough to send me the background, faux rocks and canister filter for free. However, showing these products DOES NOT include a paid promotion or anything like that. All I received were the products.

Universal Rocks –
Sicce –

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