The NEW Pixie Frog (African Bullfrog) Paludarium

I was finally able to finish the first of two 75 gallon paludariums I recently added to the lineup. I’m really excited about this one and think it turned out great! I know Samson is really going to enjoy the extra space as well. Like I said in the video, I want to let the plants grow in and establish prior to adding him. Although he didn’t ruin the plants in his current setup, you never know with these frogs. They have big personalities and don’t care about how the scape looks lol! I’ll follow up in a few weeks.

Also be sure to check out the original video if you missed it. It’s a little more DIY oriented if you prefer builds like that.

Original Video –

A huge thanks to Universal Rocks and Sicce for hooking it up with this one! Like I said in the video, I received the background and filter for free, both of which really helped make this setup awesome. I’ve liked them up below if you want to learn more. Again, I don’t receive any compensation for talking about their products.

Universal Rocks –
Sicce –

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