Timber slip-proof Decking, Concrete Bearers. UK, Full Method.

The building at the end of the video is Jordans Mill in Biggleswade, well worth a coffee and walk round 🙂

Non slip decking is a great way to keep decking a natural material and remain safe to use over the seasons and years. Not everybody wants or can afford composite decking and with minimal grip resistance isn’t always the best option. Wood fails when it is in contact with soil which is full of enzymes that eat through posts, sleepers and gravel boards etc. The idea of concrete bearers is that nothing wooden is in contact with the ground.

For the safest most cost effective slip resistance board, Gripsure is a great product for all occasions although we don’t recommend this product for play areas or play equipment (children crawling on hands and knees etc)

Landscaping time 2 days for one person.

deck boards. . http://www.gripsure.co.uk

galvanised L brackets, screws . . screwfix

powd coat cylindrical deck screws . . wicks

150mm concrete gravel boards, ballast, cement, 100/50mm C24 timber, weed membrane . . . any builders merchants

dpc joist tape . . trexprotect.com

Methods in this video are how we do it and not meant as any set guidelines.

Landscaping by Sam Keep

Proof Reading Jessica Denny Benfield

All images copywritten 2021 unless permission is given to use them.

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Thanks for watching and the best of luck with any projects you take on!

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