Timelapse Landscaping a Modern Garden Design (method in description)

This is a complete garden design and build from 2020. Designed by Daniel Shea.

The existing patio is broken out with breakers and a micro digger. The rest of the groundwork is then excavated and later grabbed away in 2 eight wheeler loads. The footings are excavated and poured and the retaining feature wall built of high density blocks on edge to make a solid 220mm wall. While being built a soak away consisting of 4 creates is being installed the other side of the wall to receive the patios run off.

The patio sub base is levelled with type 1 mot and consists of 100mm of reinforced concrete leaving space along the wall to install threshold aco drains. Aco drains are also run along the house to increase drainage near the dpc and from this first aco the the patio is laid with a 1/60 fall towards the wall and second aco. The paving is Marshalls symphony 1200 by 600 fully vitrified porcelain. It is primed with slurry primer and then laid on a full contact bed of sharp sand and cement.

The top patio area has an mot type 1 base and has reinforcing mesh in the full contact mortar bed. An aco slot drain is installed in the top paving to break the flow of water above the steps. The back of the wall is sealed with bichamin paint and doubled up with damp proof membrane. Drainage pipe is run along the back of the wall and connected to the soak away to stop water build up behind the wall. The wall is back filled with gravel.

The face a the wall is rendered in 2 coats with stainless steal beading

Everege is installed to frame the lawn and then lawn grade silica soil is brought in to top dress the lawn area. Trident turf by George Davis Turf is laid in stripes using boards to prevent walking on the new grass.

The patio is grouted with Fuggabella No 7 matching the wall.

Secret brackets are bolted the the wall using 120mm metal rawl plugs and these hold up the floating bench which is made of Siberian larch which has got exterior weathering properties. Stainless steal screws are used


Joe Crotty
Day Ahead
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