Virtual Tour of The Weedy Garden – 360 Video

THANKYOU SUBSCRIBERS, both past, present and future!!!
Lot´s of good vibes coming to and from The Weedy Garden

To celebrate 100.000 subscribers this week, I invite you on a virtual tour of The Weedy Garden to show how it´s looking for my epic experiment of “Staying in The Garden Until I Have Eaten My Own Weight in Produce.” This is going to be part of “The Weedy Garden Movie”, which will be coming next year once I have fine tuned the editing and captured (on film) all the critters I want in my story. The insects, the microbes…the fun guy (fungi). They are the stars of the show here.

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If you are from outside Australia, there will be a discount link coming for you after the new year which I´ll put in the description here when available.
In the meantime, have a look at their fantastic flow hive system here:

I must Thank the owners of this land for allowing Weedy to grow here. Lot´s of love to Steve and Chrissy.

Filmed, edited and created by

AUSTRALIAN tree growers!!
Most of my trees, I purchased from If you are living in Australia and are planning a food forest, then they sell online and deliver everywhere in Australia. Use the code WEEDYGARDEN to get 5% discount until 1/6/22

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Wheelbarrow art by or

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