Volcano Rasbora Island Aquascape with Hakkai Stone (Low Tech)

In this one I finally use the Hakkai Stone I bought at Aquashella last October. I knew exactly what type of scape I wanted to do, I just didn’t have the resources to do it until now. Even still, I was somewhat limited given the current circumstances. I was primarily working with materials I already had on hand. As usual I’ll just adjust, add and fine tune things over time until I get it looking how I want.

Regardless, I think it turned out fairly well and I love the way the fish interact with the scape! They really came to life and their colors are finally starting to show through (especially in the past few days since I filmed this). These are a very striking fish if you look closely – subtle beauty if you will. Look up “Volcano Rasbora” on Google and you’ll see what I mean.

Let me know what you think about the final product down in the comments!

Also, A.C.C.R. Water Conditioner and Turbo-Start 700 were provided with a paid promotion by Fritz Aquatics. Both of these really help with my general maintenance and when starting new aquascapes like this.

Tank Used For This Build

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