What are Some Common Worm Farming Difficulties?

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Geoff, what are the common difficulties (and the solutions to them) of using a worm farm system like your bathtub system? Anything you can provide to help a newbie avoid mistakes would be very useful. Currently, while my worms are eating the scraps I give them and thriving they have almost entirely ignored the horse manure provided from the beginning. Any idea what this might mean, or what I should do about it?

Key Takeaways

– Worms moderate their population based on their food supply. They’ll eat food scrapes first and dive down into manure as backup food.
– Drain blockage is a big problem because it can drown the worms and turn the farm putrid, so it’s important to use a good filter. A roof over the worm farm will prevent too much moisture for getting into the farm.
– Rodents will try to get in after the scraps, or black soldier fly larvae can get in and consume the scraps faster than the worms. A wood frame top with wire (rodents) and screen (flies) can prevent these issues.
– Don’t bury food scraps. They’ll go anaerobic, and the whole thing will get putrid.

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