What Covered Patio option is BEST for your property and your LIFE?

What Covered Patio Option is Best for your Property and your Life?

Everybody wants a covered outdoor living space, it is trending. All of the modern home builders are building them because everybody wants them. Covered outdoor living is coming to you right now – an entire series on all the different types of covered outdoor living spaces.

I’m going to start with my very favorite for this first video: freestanding structures. Now freestanding structures act as a destination in your landscape. You want to create a destination as a purpose in your backyard. The first freestanding structure it’s going to be a traditional Gable style structure. We can do these in our local market at 12 and a half by 16 and a half feet from post to post and then with the Gable coming down we have at least a foot and a half overhang over those posts, so it really does make that traditional 200 square foot structure larger because of the overhangs.

The reason to start with a Gable style is a lot of homes have a gable built into it so I just really want you to think about this with your landscape design so your structure matches with your home. If you deviate from that it’s going to look out of place.

Another style depends on your home’s architecture – – look up at your house and you realize that it might have what’s called the Hip-Ridge style going straight into the roof so basically you have your posts and then there’s no open frame – it goes right into the Hip-Ridge. It is nice because it offers a little bit more coziness when you’re inside the structure. Add some heaters, your fireplace and it becomes a very kind of cozy spot ’cause all the heat is trapped right there especially in the wintertime.

Some advantages of a freestanding structure over some of the other styles: it really gets you out into your landscape. We’re going to talk more about an attached structure, but many people intrinsically believe they want to have a structure attached to their house. This really doesn’t give freedom to come outside to get into their yard. Freestanding structures get you outside.

Also, you can have different ceiling options like open rafter ceilings. The only thing about these is they’re tricky to hide all the electrical cords – electrical conduit is hard to hide especially with heaters and multiple lights. Then of course you have the traditional tongue and groove where we’re covering the rafters there you see it gets room for the light for the Cam lights. It really is a beautiful feature. Tongue and groove cedar ceilings are popular.

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