What permaculture(ists) get wrong

I want to be very clear here: My point is NOT to say that using hand shovels is wrong, and using machines is right. My point is that attacking people who use machines is not only counterproductive but also it’s wrong – machines can be effective tools to drive faster change – and right now we need fast change. And if you ever find yourself in a place criticizing someone for using a machine to perform good (earthworks for permaculture projects) that I do hope this video helps you reconsider your position.

Technology isn’t bad. We shouldn’t be trying to revert back to pre-tech and living in tents in the woods, and anyone who doesn’t is destroying the planet. We can often come across that way, and we need to stop it. I see it too often, and it hurts our movement. I saw it three times in one day (one directed at myself in a private message), and thus made this video to try to tackle the topic.

We need to use technology, in smart ways, to shape the future and heal the planet in the most efficient way possible. And where that technology does NOT make sense, then we do not use it.

As always, keep the discussion civil please. I don’t want to steer the discussion, but I will delete comments that attack others for having a different opinion. Remember that we’re all on the same team here, and we’re all fighting to save our wonderful planet.

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