Why nuclear is key to sustainability and permaculture

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Important disclaimer – The opinions in this video are mine and may not necessarily represent those of my employer, or other nuclear professionals.

I also fully acknowledge my personal bias on the topic of nuclear, being that I work in the industry. However, I work in the industry BECAUSE I believe in it’s critical importance in our current and future energy mix.

Now I know there’s going to be questions on nuclear waste, nuclear safety, other technologies like thorium reactors, MSRs, SMRs, difference between Candu BWR and PWR, concerns about Chernobyl and Fukushima, and so much more. These topics are all things I’d like to touch on in future videos, but there’s just no room in this one.

I hope you enjoy this, and I hope that those of you who skeptical (it’s GOOD to be skeptical, especially here) can at least get another perspective. If that doesn’t change your mind, that’s also good, it’s REALLY REALLY SUPER IMPORTANT to be extremely skeptical and inquisitive about something as serious as nuclear power.

All the best everyone,

Errata in Osama’s video: When he discusses California power mix, it’s important to note that California actually has 2 nuclear units at Diablo Canyon which are 1100 MWe Pressurized Water reactors and produce roughly 18,000 GW·h annually. I also believe there was a typo when he said wind makes up 15% but the graphic said 50%; the correct value is 15%. Now, his points are still correct, because although California has 2 reactors, compare that to it’s population and economy, and then consider that Southern Ontario has 6 units at Pickering, 4 at Darlington and 8 at Bruce for a much smaller population.


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