Will Peak Oil Follow After the Pandemic?” Permaculture Design for Farms

Could we run our farm WITHOUT OIL? Oil prices are low now but when the pandemic is over and prices increase again, what do farms need to do to cope with higher costs? What would happen if there was a supply crunch and oil products were not available?

During the pandemic oil prices hit an all time low of -$37 per barrel. This resulted in massive CAP-Ex cuts in spending and started a chain reaction of bankruptcies. One of the industries hit hardest was the shale oil and gas producers in the US that require relatively high prices to make money. To make matters worse shale gas and oil have very high decline rates which means if there is not a lot of money being pumped into wells to keep them running they start to taper off quickly.

Covid has reduced the worlds oil consumption dramatically which has provided a lot of spare capacity. As the world starts to consume oil again will it hit peak supply issues again on the other side? No one knows, this article explores that issue.


As land managers our systems are dependent on oil as cheap labour. How would our farms need to change in order to operate with less energy? Permaculture designs with this in mind.

Video: “The Oil We Eat”


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