9 Essential Watering Tips for your garden or food forest

The most common question I get is “how often should I be watering?”. If anyone gives you an answer like “X times per week for Y amount per watering” throw that advice out. Why?

Because why use “averages” when there are SO MANY MOVING PARTS. Am I going to follow the same watering advice that someone in Arizona is? Am I going to water my watermelons the same amount as my cacti? Am I going to follow the same watering schedule for my deep mulch garden that someone who grows in bare soil does?

Does wind not matter?

Does shade not matter?

Does sun aspect not matter?

In this video we talk about THE ACTUAL THINGS YOU SHOULD BE DOING if you want to water your plants properly. Then we discuss things you can do in your design and planning, to minimize how much you have to water.

Why guess and run some kind of arbitrary watering schedule without actually OBSERVING the result and adjusting? Why listen to Joe blow’s watering guide when we can listen to what our plants and soil is telling us? Lets talk about how to water your garden properly.

0:58 Intro
1:30 The basics of watering – what plants want and need.
2:56 Things you should be looking for.
6:42 Discussing how the way we water impacts soil moisture profiles
7:47 Lets talk about 9 Tips to minimize how much watering you need to do.

These 9 things will not only reduce your work, and money spent on watering, they will also completely change the moisture profile that the plant sees. It will push the profile from a sawtooth Wet/dry cycle towards a moderated steady moist cycle. This is what plants want. This is what nature creates. We must always mimic what nature creates so that we can allow our plants to exist inside the environments that they spent billions of years evolving inside – and not these man-made artificial environments which just lead to work, disease and death for our plants.

Thanks for watching.


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