Fertilizing Nursery Plants | Prevent & Treat Yellow Leaves

Owning your own plant nursery is extremely rewarding, and may be a dream for many plant lovers. One of the biggest challenges nurserymen face is supplying all the plants with the best growing conditions possible. However, many growers produce a huge variety of plants of different species, each with their own soil, light, irrigation, and nutrient requirements. It would be a management nightmare to supply the exact growing conditions for each species. The most cost effect solution to this problem is to assemble plants with similar requirements together and manage them as a group. In spite of this, some plants may still experience nutrient, water, and light stress, and physical symptoms may develop.

In this video, we are going to discuss the yellowing of leaves in your nursery plants, with particular focus on nutrient deficiencies. We will look at the causes of yellowing, why it is detrimental, and how you can prevent or treat the disorder. If you would like to keep the information discussed in this video on hand, then check out our eBook in the description.

Topics and Timestamps
Introduction 00:00
Why do leaves turn yellow? 00:56
Why are yellow leaves a problem? 01:41
Nutrient deficiencies that cause yellow leaves 02:12
Prevention and treatment 04:14

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