Can Permaculture Thrive in an Urban Environment?

Oftentimes we see Permaculture on a larger scale, on rural farmlands or homesteads outside of the city. We love projects like this, and pursuing them can be rewarding on a multiplicity of levels! But they do require large sums of investment, both financial and time. So does making permaculture work in an urban, smaller setting make sense? Can it be as lucrative and meaningful as its larger counterpart?

Listen in as Carmen Lamoureux of Urban Farm School discusses how her experience and journey has been thus far in creating a lush, successful permaculture property in an urban environment! This clip in a snippet of a segment Carmen presented at our past summit, Hope, Knowledge and a Plan!

If you’d like to watch more content like this, or to see more from Carmen, check out our 2022 Cold Climate Permaculture Conference, happening this fall! 3 days of live, free, expert advice on all things permaculture! Carmen will be returning as a speaker, and we can’t wait to hear what she has to share. Click the link below to register!

Music by: Charlie McGee


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