Trusting in nature’s design – a grape guild that solves bird browse.

This is a guild which has been fantastically successful at keeping birds off our grapes. Not only any grapes, but our tastiest ones. The key? Thorns.

Also, Trish and I were out on a walk the other day and the staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina) were ready, so I picked some up to make “Hillbilly Lemonade” with. We do that at the end of the episode. I’m always fascinated about how apprehensive my family is about trying new things – especially foraged foods that we’ve been around our whole lives. Not many people know that Staghorn Sumac is edible, so it’s understandable there is some apprehension.

It’s important to note how dangerous it could be to accidentally eat/forage the wrong plant. Poison Sumac (Rhus vernix) is not something you would want to forage, as the entire plant contains Urishiol oil – the same oil in poison ivy, poison oak, etc. There are some really easy identifiers – poison sumac has white berries that droop, and Staghorn sumac has red berries with hairs all over them which point upwards, and a hairy stem. Always make sure you know what you are eating when you eat wild plants, and when in doubt, don’t.

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