Did My Terrarium Computer Desk Survive? (2 Years Later)

In this one, we take the updated two year look at THE terrarium computer desk! This is one of my favorite pieces in the animal room (as of now) that is a huge part of what I do because I work at it daily.

Initially, I built this out of reclaimed material, designed it in a way that would be functional for me, and made the video. I put it out there and I figured a lot of you would like it. See original build video here https://youtu.be/UrrQodJExb0

It was received well by the vast majority, but there was certainly a good bit of you who perceived that some of my choices were serious errors. I’m happy to admit when I’m wrong, but I would consider nearly all of these to be non-issues. So, I had a little bit of fun in the previous update. It’s definitely worth watching if you missed it https://youtu.be/usXRjOCKhqA

Anyway, I continued with that tune in this video and had some fun with it. I hope that you enjoy what I did here. Let me know what you think about the progress of this desk and what would you like to see in terrarium desk 2.0!

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00:00 Intro Skit
01:41 Recap of Previous Events
03:01 Opening the Terrarium
03:15 How’s it Doing?
04:28 Trimming the Plants
05:20 Adding New Plants
07:15 Spraying it Down
07:46 Cleaning the Glass
08:46 New Additions
08:57 Two Years Later
09:21 My Thoughts
11:06 Conclusion

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