The Great Garden Experiment – Can I thrive in my garden for two months?

Living in a Permaculture Paradise might sound romantic and wonderful, but is it practical? What do you need to survive if you ONLY had a garden?

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Welcome back Weedy Watchers to PART ONE of my best episode YET!!!
PART TWO will be published on Friday next week.

This one is fun and I am proud to be able to share something special, entertaining and educational to anyone out there who wants inspiration of how to thrive in paradise.

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A special thanks to Steve and Chrissy, the owners of this land, who have given Mr and Mrs Weedy permission and blessings to grow food on their hill.

I also acknowledge the traditional guardians of this land and pay my respects to the past, present and future light walkers of the Earth.

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Wheelbarrow art by or

Extra bee footage courtesy of the Flow Hive people from the link above.

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