Growing in contaminated soils – discussion and science

Today we have a discussion on contaminated soils and is it safe to grow in them? What things can we think about and how can we design our land when we take into account the possibility that an area may not be ideal for growing food?

I have been reading about this topic for years, and it’s impossible to link all the articles and studies that I’ve read on the topic. There are many influential researchers in this area, but among my favorites I’ve found are Dr John Todd (, Dr. Paul Stamets (, and Dr Ganga Hettiarachchi.

The KC study mentioned in the video is behind a paywall, but this site here is an article about the study that is a good read: She has a bunch of interesting research you can find here:

The tables in the video are from SUPER HELPFUL paper from the Environmental Protection Agency:

There is also an EPA fact sheet that is a little easier to digest, but has less discrete information:

Soil pH chart is from Emporium Hydroponics.

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