How to start a wildflower garden 💐 Advice from a landscape designer

Learn how to start a wildflower garden, from scratch, even if you are new to gardening!
This video focuses on a simple method for creating a low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, perennial wildflower garden bed that focuses on using native plants that support pollinators (and other living things).

This video is inspired by a phone conversation I had with a friend, who called and asked how to create a wildflower garden in her front yard. She needed simple, actionable advice, and answers to questions like:
-What should I plant? How to find the best native plants for wildflower gardens?
-When should I grow annual wildflowers, or perennials?
-Should I start from seeds, or buy wildflower?
-Where do I shop for native plants or seeds?
-How do I make it look nice and neat for the landlord and neighbors while still supporting wildlife?
-How should I prepare the soil and plant and mulch a new pollinator garden?
-How often do I water native plants?
I thought this would make a great video! I hope it helps you!

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